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Terms & Conditions

You agree to these Terms & Conditions by completing an assessment form.

My approach to sleep, my sleep suggestions and my techniques aim to develop and support lifelong healthy sleep habits and positive attachment relationships with parents. Therefore, the focus will be on building gentle and nurturing routines and approaches that address and meet the child's emotional needs for security during sleep work. I aim to understand your and your family's needs and put into place a plan supporting your philosophical beliefs and goals.

I am a trained, certified pediatric Child Sleep Consultant but not medically trained; therefore, I do not make medical diagnoses. However, I can support the identification of sleep disorders and suggest when medical support may be necessary.

Please note: I cannot guarantee that your child will not cry throughout the process; however, I ensure that at all times, your child is aware of your support and your presence, and you will be on hand to comfort them and to provide an emotionally appropriate response to their needs.
Before starting sleep work, parents should ensure their child is healthy; please check with your GP or health visitor if unsure.

In some cases, I might suggest that your child visit another specialist before beginning any sleep programme who might be able to help with any outstanding health or behavioural issues that are not in my area of expertise.

Parents should ensure a quiet and stable period to implement their suggested sleep plan; continuity, stability, and persistence are essential.

Sleep Plans: My work focuses on and responds to the uniqueness of each child, parent and family and their situation; sleep issues are investigated, assessed and analysed accordingly; therefore, your sleep plan is developed specifically for your use only. I ask that parents not share details of their plans on social media networks – my work and approach are unique; I ask this to prevent plagiarism of my system.

Points to Note:

  1. The total cost of the sleep package is required before the assessment forms are sent over. If payment is not made, the assessment form will not be sent, and our package cannot start.

  2. Cancellation policy: Sleep consultation fees are refundable until you have your sleep plan; after this, payments are non-refundable.

  3. Your details and information shared with me remain confidential.

  4. Confidentiality of consultations and sleep chats: sleep chats and consultations shall remain confidential; all information imparted to me remains confidential.

  5. My role is to support, empower and offer practical suggestions to resolve sleep problems; I do not advise. Therefore, the parent chooses to implement the program's sleep plan and practical approaches.

  6. Parents maintain and hold full responsibility for their

    child's health throughout sleep work.

  7. Sleep plans alone do not improve sleep; the parent's role

    is essential in consistently following through with suggested approaches and strategies to provide the most significant potential for change. I do not offer guarantees that I can resolve all sleep problems.

  8. Illness: If your child becomes unwell, the consultation/ chat can still go ahead as sleep work does not need to start on the day of the chat/consultation; however, if the illness is severe, which puts additional stress on parents the consultation/chat can be postponed to a later date within two weeks before a charged reassessment will be needed.

  9. Consultations: payment and support provided:

    Consultations are a free 15-minute discovery call, and after payment has been received, I will send you an assessment form and then work on your sleep package within a 48-72-hour period. All support and recommendations offered are suggested; I do not advise; therefore, it's the parent's choice to implement any suggested approaches and recommendations.

  10. In case of illness: sometimes (although rare...) If I become unwell – I'll provide you with reasonable notice and reschedule your consultation or start date.

  11. I will often recommend that you work with other professionals alongside our work. If parents don't take up the recommendation, I reserve the right to pause or discontinue the support until the referral has been made. This is because in the case of underlying trauma, unless the parents see the specific specialist, I might be pushing against the child and their trauma, possibly creating a cycle of trauma which is tricky for the parent and child.

  12. My methods are tried and tested, and they work for many people. However, they are not guaranteed, and if over a period of weeks or a month or two, despite the consistent application, your find that they do not have the desired effect, then you may want to speak to your GP or another health professional to make sure that there are no underlying problems.

  13. Should you pause the support for any reason, ie..illness, holiday, work commitments etc., then support must resume within two weeks; otherwise, a reassessment will be needed, and you will be charged £40.

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