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Dangerous situation at home. Baby risk of fall out of bed, crawling to side, tired parents

How It Works...

As an experienced Child Sleep Therapist, I've helped numerous families overcome various sleep-related challenges. I have the expertise to tackle everything from bedtime struggles to night wakings, feeding issues, weaning concerns, scheduling mishaps, or co-sleeping troubles. My approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, ensuring your child enjoys a restful and secure sleep.

All About Me

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Through a consultation call and our personalized assessment form that we provide to our clients, we are able to gain insight into each child's specific needs and behaviours, allowing us to develop a tailored approach to their care.


We are removing externalities and establishing a common understanding of being comfortable with bedtime and sleep.

Building Sleep Associations 

Establishing healthy and sustainable sleep associations builds on the previous step's foundational progress.


Developing a sense of independence and self-regulation at bedtime and through the night, where the child knows they are comfortable and safe.

Practice & Consistency 

Cementing the progress of Steps 1-4, ensuring the whole family is comfortable with the new process and tweaking any final issues. Practice makes perfect & consistency is vital.

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