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The Bronze Package Is one week of daily email support.



You will receive our unique assessment form to complete.

We will discuss your needs on a consultation call.

I will Assess your current routine.

You will receive your Bespoke sleep plan.

I will support you with an email each day for 7 days.

You will start enjoying better bedtimes and sleep.

Bronze Package

  • Congratulations, you have decided to BOOK NOW and change your life, as so many others have already done.


    Your Child Will Learn To:

    ✅ Fall asleep independently

    ✅ Sleep through the night (10-13 hours).

    As A Parent, You Will Learn To:

    ✅ Create an enjoyable, successful bedtime

    ✅ Teach your child to sleep WITHOUT Cry-It-Out

    Your Package Includes the following:

    ✅ Our unique assessment form.

    ✅ 30-minute consultation call.

    ✅ Assessment of your current routine.

    ✅ Bespoke sleep plan.

    ✅ 7 Days Email support.

    Sleep CAN Be Solved In Just Two weeks!

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